Clare Kumar

Clare Kumar Orange 202x300 Clare KumarThe International Home _ Garden Show is pleased to present Clare Kumar.  Clare is Chief Organizer, of Streamlife® a Toronto-based Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant with a talent for teaching and motivating others, Clare Kumar founded Streamlife ® in 2005. She is passionate about helping people reduce stress and get more out of life, Clare realized she could marry a love of working with people, her  creativity, and problem solving skills, with her desire to make a real difference – one life at a time. 

Clare has since coached residential, small business and corporate clients in Toronto and Montreal, to get organized, to improve productivity and achieve greater peace of mind, while creating inspiring spaces in which to live and work.

Clare is on Stage Thursday April 12, at the Celebrity Superhouse Theatre with Rebecca Webster.

Below is Clare’s 4 Step P.L.A.N. To Get Organized
Courtesy of Clare Kumar,

Prioritize – Define the purpose
Identify what you want to accomplish in the space, and how you want it to feel. For any room, try to keep the activities to five or less.

Liberate – Let items go
The only things that should remain in the space are those which support the function of the space or inspire you to live and work in it. These are the keepers. All the other items need to be moved to another area if they can still provide value, given away, sold, recycled or disposed of. Let go of the items that are not serving how you want to spend your time and how you want to feel.

Arrange – Arrange the space
Create zones for each activity with furniture and storage to support each function. Storing like items together will maximize use of space and make it easier to find things. It also helps to pay attention to your preferences. How do you like to do things? Pile vs file? Hang vs fold? Pluck vs rummage?

Nurture – Create organizing habits
Make a committed effort for a few weeks to create a habit of restoring order and it will help you maintain a clutter-free home. If you see things piling up, it’s time to revisit the PLAN.

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